[LMB] [LMB} Diplomatic Immunity - Multiple Books

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Mon Dec 18 10:08:45 GMT 2017

Lois and I have observed here before that book titles
get reused (with references to P G Wodehouse's "Summer
Lightning"), but I just had occasion to buy a copy of
"Diplomatic Immunity" (in English) on Amazon France
and was surprised to see just how many books shared
that title.

My French not being that good I did my actual count on
Amazon UK and discovered twenty other authors who have
published books called "Diplomatic Immunity".

Sam Ainsley
Brodi Ashton
Al-Saadiq Banks
Bill Bernico
Darlien C Breeze
Breanna Cone
Ruaidhri Fegan
Johnny Fowler
Jonathan B Gaskin
J G Leathers
D.B. Levin
Grant V McClanahan
Barbara McHarris
Fabian Nicieza
Howard Olsen
John Schembra
Robert Sheckley
Grant Sutherland
Tad Szulc
Bernardo Teixeira

Maybe she *should* have called it "Summer Lightning".

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