[LMB] Birthday greetings

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 02:15:24 GMT 2017

Well, the Nexus is all agog!

The Betan Survey team have found another wormhole route.. it's linked
from a previously undiscovered route from (ironically) Orient IV, via a
couple of uninhabited systems.

And when they found the end of the route- it's inhabited!

The planet, Fei, was apparently colonised by the "lost" Chinese
generation ship Bailu, last heard of in 2117.  The existence of the
wormhole nexus was a pleasant surprise to them - for all they knew, they
were the only humans left.

It's a cool green world with significant icecaps, and a climate similar
to Northern Canada, with some interesting mineral resources.

A first contact team needs to be scrambled, and for this mission Alex
Kwan (for language skills) and Shawn Cromett (due to experience with the
Alaskan weather) have been picked as advisors to the diplomatic team and
the trade negotiators.

A fast Imperial courier will rush them to the scene, with an ImpSec
"cultural attache" no doubt included.  Gifts from the Emperor will be
presented and diplomatic overtures commenced.  

Enjoy your adventure, and Happy Birthday to both.

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Otherwise, find someone who is standing closer to Douglas Hofstadter
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