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> I could gladly do without February. Oh, looks at Subject. 
> "I can make a joke about any subject.” 
> “Make a joke about the Emperor.”
> “Gregor Vorbarra, long may he reign, is not a subject."

Apparently this dates back to at least to Oscar Wilde (d 1900)


The anecdote comes, by the way, from the 1908 The Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Churchill:

At a particularly pleasant luncheon-party, given by Lady de Grey, I remember once meeting, among others, M. Jules Claretie of the Francais, Mile. Bartet the gifted actress. Lord Ribblesdale and Mr. Oscar Wilde" than whom a more brilliant talker did not exist, that is when he was in the mood for it. An argument arose between him and Lord Ribblesdale on after-dinner speeches, Mr. Wilde declaring that there was no subject on which he could not speak at a moment's notice. Taking him at his word Lord Ribblesdale, holding up his glass, said "The Queen." "She is not a subject," answered Wilde, as quick as lightning.
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