[LMB] Call for Birthday Tixies 2018

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Thu Dec 28 17:10:58 GMT 2017

On 12/28/2017 10:30 AM, Walter Bushell wrote:
> Rish was the only woman there who was not a subject, but Tej did not
> think to think if that made Rish an object. as Tej was married to
> Ivan and hence a Barrayaran subject, (perhaps?). As she is Lady
> Vorpatril she is apparently a subject and shouldn’t she have to place
> her hands between that of the Emperor especially as members of the
> aristocracy? Or perhaps between the hands of Count Vorpatril?  Unless
> they waived protocol under the circumstances.

Wasn't there mention that women in Barrayar only had oaths to their
husbands? Also something about how if the husband committed treason the
wife got off since it was assumed she was only following orders as a
good wife should. So I don't think the Vor ladies have direct oaths to
the Emperor.

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