[LMB] Who read the old recording of Borders of Infinity?

Chris Benson cb-lmb at ccandc.org
Fri Dec 29 11:20:16 GMT 2017

Fred Smith fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us wrote at Fri Dec 29 05:38:18 GMT 2017
> Hi all!
> I have an audiobook of just the novelette, Borders of Infinity. I don't
> remember where I got it, but it starts out in the story without intro,
> and at the very end is mention of The Readers Chair. but it doesn't
> say who the reader was. I don't believe it was Grover Gardner, it is
> another guy with a richer bass voice that sounds familiar but I can't
> place who it is.
> Any of you happen to know?

I'm afraid I'm answering a *similar* question, but: 

The Reader's Chair edition of _Falling_Free_ was read by Michael Hanson
and Carol Cowan.  

I confirm Michael Hanson has a rich deep voice (amongst others!).
He is sole narrator of six books on Audible with samples, if you want
to check.

Does that help?
Chris Benson

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