[LMB] Fwd: [stirling] Urgent Rule Change Affecting Hugo Award Nominations

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Fri Dec 29 23:17:56 GMT 2017

> On Dec 29, 2017, at 4:02 PM, A. Marina Fournier <saffronrose at me.com> wrote:
> San José is pronounced hoh-zeh, but the City spells itself with a ‘J’ and recently added the accent over the ‘e’. Spanish pronunciation and spelling. Much of California was originally Spanish land grants. If anyone should drive up and ask, Berryessa is a corruption of a Spanish Basque name. I always thought it was a stupid made-up name, but now I know the dacts.

Foreign language names can vary in their pronunciations over time.   For instance, the city of Pueblo, CO for a long time was pronounced by locals in an American way, but now is back to the Spanish way.    I know of a town called Nevada, pronounced with a long a.   Neither it nor the state is pronounced the way the Spanish word is pronounced (it’s funny that a state known for being desert has the same name as a popular Disney princess).

However, I find it hard to read regional pronunciations.   So I don’t want my SF to do much re-pronouncing of words.

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