[LMB] OT: Tudors, was Miles in Love: wait for it? Or go for it?

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> Queens, even queens from powerful countries, had been repudiated or set
> aside before.  Particularly queens who were seen as infertile.  One of a
> queen's main duties was to give the king heirs---sons to carry on his line

​For example, their* several-times-great-grandmother Eleanor of Aquitaine,
who was divorced from her first husband, King Louis VII of France​ for just
that reason -- two daughters, no sons.  Then she married the guy who became
Henry II of England and, ironically, had **too many** sons! They were
always fighting, often literally, among themselves or with their father,
and the youngest and most worthless of the lot -- John -- nonetheless
became the one who had a son of his own to become King after him. (Although
"The Lion in Winter" is fiction, it's not an inaccurate depiction of the
actual relationships between the family members. And the movie has a
wonderful cast!)

Also, Catherine of Aragon actually did have sons. It's just that they all
died young; Mary was the only one of her children to live to adulthood. And
by the time Henry took up with Anne Boleyn, Catherine was near or maybe
into menopause.

​* As with many royal and noble marriages of the time, Henry and Catherine
were related. (Making annulments on the basis of consanguinity incredibly
common, as long as you were on good terms with the Pope.)  Catherine had
English ancestry, too. In fact, Mary appears, as best as I have been able
to figure out, to have been the only British monarch to have been descended
from all three of the wives of John of Gaunt.​

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