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So glad you had good results. Even your new and improved vision. 

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> I had my second cataract surgery final checkout yesterday. The verdict is "Very good indeed. Among other things, I've jumped from 20/40 to 20/25 with glasses (my choice to go for driving instead of reading glasses) and can see better than I have in ages.

Still raining here, but...

Isn't it wonderful?

By late November, 4 yrs after my surgeries, my dominant left eye was blurry and the vision was worse.

I had a frightening eye & balance issue on 1st December: double vision, undependable balance with or without the glasses on.

Went to my optician, got my temple pieces adjusted correctly, then called my ophthalmologist's ofc for an emergency appt., to determine the cause. Got one for the next afternoon. I used the dry-eye drops twice before I left for the optician, with no noticeable change. Adjusting the temple pieces didn't help either, and I just covered my eyes on the way home.

Vision, but not balance, seems to be more normal by that evening, but everything was fine the next day.

At the vision office, the optometrist checked my eyes, measured what I was experiencing with the blurry/lessened vision in  my left eye, and discovered what she thought was the cause, a secondary cataract, where scarring forms on the eye’s lens capsule, which gets left in place when a cataract is removed.  Not everyone will have this complication. I'm just lucky.

The most common symptom is blurring of vision, which could get progressively worse.  Ophthalmologists are quick to point out that such a symptom should never be ignored urge people to see their eye doctors quickly if it happens. I didn't need someone to tell me to go--fear did that! 

So a later appt with Dr Kaur herself proved Dr. Vu correct, and a 5-10 min session (eye properly numbed & dilated) with an SLT cold laser took care of it completely.

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