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Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 00:06:01 GMT 2017

Hi hi hi!
Da said not to talk to strangers, but this is writing, not talking, so I'm
sure its OK. I'll ask tomorrow, for sure.

I'm not allowed to tell my name to strangers but here's a hint, it's the
same as Da's really really tall friend with fangs and claws!  But she's
dead. Da was sad. But I'm not talking about sad things because it was just
Winterfaire! And I had lots of candy! And I'm staying up all night! And its
the longest night of the whole year! And Sasha said I can't, and anyhow you
can't figure out who I am from Sasha's name because there's millions of
Sashas in every town everywhere, so there, its not a hint, and I'm not
getting in trouble for telling you a family name, and I'm not even crossing
it out, because Sasha stinks and he can't anymore tell me what to do, I'm
already in bed, so there.

Granma came over for Winterfaire! She brought a wonderful game where you
show the products of each district and every player controls one district
and you have to figure out how to make your district get rich, and you can
do deals with other districts or try to cheat them and it's allowed! If the
rules say you're allowed to cheat then it has to be allowed! But Stinky
Sasha and Hel - I mean the other ones, I'm not telling you their names
because mostly they're not stinky, but they don't know how to play by the
rules, the rules SAID.  But they said I can't play anymore. And I
complained to Granma and she said the game is supposed to be educational
and I just got educated and I said but what about the game and she said why
don't you think about that for a while.

But I don't care!  The game has a lot of pieces and it came in this
wonderful big box and I dragged it out to Mama's garden, right by the
fountain but that's OK because the fountain gets turned off for the winter
and I won't get wet and the box won't get wet and ruined, and anyhow the
fountain has the leaf pattern set in the ground but I can't tell you which
leaf because then you might guess who I am. And you might be even more
stinky than Sasha. And your name might even BE Sasha also but I don't know
who you are and you don't know me and that's the best thing.

Anyhow. The box was on the leaf near the fountain, I set it up just so.
Then I took some dirt from the garden, I was really careful because some of
the winter flowers don't like to be bothered, and I didn't bother them. But
I needed some dirt. Then I set to work with some pebbles and some candy and
some candy wrappers when I needed a different shape and also I had swiped
some plain cake from the kitchen, I mean borrowed, it can't be swiping when
it's your own kitchen, and I have my little knife and I keep it in my
pocket not my boot, so it's closer to hand. So I cut shapes from the cake
to be a cat sleeping on the sunny pebble road and you can tell it was the
sunny part because the pebbles are a lighter color and I want you to know
it was really hard to sort all the pebbles by how dark and light they were
but I did it anyhow because it had to look RIGHT. And I made a snake in the
green candy grass and it looked at the sleepy kitty like it was wondering
which of them would be lunch for the other one.  And I made a golden hawk
out of yellow candy wrappers and brown wrappers and I didn't have any black
wrappers for near its eyes so I rubbed two wrappers against the stone of
the fountain until it turned black and let me tell you, that was hard, and
I got my fingers scraped up but hawks have black under their eyes so I
needed black. And it was really cold so the blood stopped right away
anyhow, so who cares. And anyhow the tree was really hard to make because
I'm not allowed to break any living flowers and in winter nothing drops
twigs and that would have made things easier but instead I used some more
dirt and made it into mud and shaped it into a tree and held it steady
until it dried. And making tiny roots that would hold it steady in my
little dirt box garden was so fiddly!  And I can almost hear you
remembering that the fountain is turned off, so where did I get water?
There was no water. I used spit.

And then /P/r/u/ no, I'm not telling you the nanny's name, but she and Mama
came down two different garden paths at jsut the same time and they found
me by the fountain and Nanny said Oh, MY NAME, you were lost, I'm so glad
you were found! Come inside right away.

And I said No because my little dirt box garden wasn't done yet. I had just
started my dragon and I didn't figure out how to have a lake for my dragon
because there's no water and blue candies don't make it deep, just high.
And water goes deep.

And Mama said What a beautiful garden but it's time to wash up and eat,
come along now.

And I said NO I WON'T but Mama got that look on her face so I guess I just
went right inside and washed right up. But first Mama called a guardsman to
put a plas-seal over my beautiful dirt box garden so nothing would move
until I came back tomorrow. And also so no bugs should eat the candy. My
Mama is the best Mama ever and I'm sorry your Mama can only be second best.
That's OK, don't worry, second best is still very wonderful when it second
to my Mama.

And Granma brought some candy for Winter Faire from /S/e/r/ from really far
away and I had a little bit but it tasted funny so I shared most of mine
with my sibs NOT SASHA and they stopped being mad at me for cheating EVEN
THOUGH IT WAS THE RULES. And Da brought so much candy that Mama said Oh
dear but it was all delicious and I ate a bunch and I mostly saved mine
because I figured out how to make a dragon, but it will take LOTS of candy
and I have to save it.

Then we played charades and I guessed a bunch but I was very polite and did
not guess right for all of them because no one likes a smartypants. And
then Mama said bedtime and I said I'm not going to sleep adn Mama said I I
bet not after all that candy and Sasha said I bet you fall asleep right
away and I said No I won't and I said You stink.

Then Mama said Bed, right now, so I ran up the stairs before Sasha could
try to grab me or grab my candy, and I hopped into bed IN MY DRESS and I'm
not going to sleep, but I got a little sleepy so I decided to write a

And here it is.

And the moon is a most beautiful curve and I have white candy and I'm
sticking some together shaping it to be perfect for my garden but wait
there's a sunny patch for the cat to sleep so it will have to be late
afternoon and the sun is close to setting and the baby moon is already

And if you're wondering how to make candies stick together, there's two
ways. If all the candies are laying flat on the ground, or on the dirt
floor on  your box, you can just lick the edge of one and the edge of the
other until they're both gloriously sticky and then you skoosh them
together and they stick. Or if you want to make a big shape then you have
to cut the candy so it has tiny crenelations like the top of a castle and
you lick the candy crenelations and stick them together and the lick dries
like glue.

Of course I have my knife. I'm still wearing my dress. That's why I don't
keep it in my boot, I'm not going to wear my BOOTS to bed!  Sillyhead.

Busy now, the moon and the dragon have to be ready before a nanny comes in
and forgot that Mama said I could stay up all night. Sometimes nannies
don't know how to play with the rules AT ALL.


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