[LMB] Abandonment

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 19:14:26 GMT 2017

It's worth noting that even if Aral was sure that the fetal Miles had been
viable at time of capture, it was by no means clear that he had remained
so.  Vordarian's forces were able to keep hostage babies alive and healthy;
however, Miles had special requirements including continual medical
treatment which had certainly been interrupted.

Aral was in a truly difficult position, with incalculable odds, conflicting
obligations, and surrounded by unknown factors.  It doesn't matter how
advanced your tacticomp is if you have no data to feed it.

Was Aral right to hold off?  Yes and no.  Was Cordelia right to rush in?
Yes and no.  How would our approach to those questions differ if Cordelia's
mission had failed, instead of being partly successful?

Matt G.

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