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>> The business about pardons only being for the lower level players (and
>>> therefore not available to the princess) was particular to people who
>>> serve
>>> in the military. Aral was trying to bring the various Counts around, and
>>> I
>>> don't recall any mention in the books of the executions of a dozen of
>>> them.
>> Now I want to know about rebellious Count's Wives.  Are they ever charged
>> with treason in their own person, or are they just Loyal Wives who Stand
>> By
>> Their Man?  And if so, should they be hanged for treason or pardoned for
>> being The Little Woman?
> what is the barrayarran equivalent to "get thee to a nunnery!" ?

Actually, we're told the answer in Komarr, chapter 1 (Ekaterin and Miles
After a while, she said elliptically, "A Vor man's first loyalty is
supposed to be to his Emperor, but a Vor woman's first loyalty is supposed
to be to her husband."
"Historically and legally, that's so." His voice was amused, or bemused, as
he turned again to watch her. "This was not always to her disadvantage.
When he was executed for treason, she was presumed to be only following
orders, and got off. Actually, I wonder if the underlying practical reason
was that an underpopulated world just couldn't spare her labor."

Karen Hunt

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