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> > Kareen was down to personal survival; marriage to Vordarian wasn't much
> of a choice but it kept her alive.
> Were they actually married?  Without looking at the book (because of that
> falling-into-the-book-and-not-escaping problem), I don't think I remember
> actual marriage being mentioned.  Vordarian was sleeping with Kareen, but
> Cordelia notices from their sleeping body language how unwilling Kareen
> seems; she notices that Kareen looked like a captive not a lover.  Not that
> that necessarily means they weren't married, but is there evidence one way
> or the other?
> Katherine
> Gwynne: I risked it and checked - Vordarian announced their betrothal in
> one of his regular broadcasts. But we're told somewhere else that betrothal
> is just about as good as married; the marriage can be delayed while the
> families sort out the dowry payments, but the couple are regarded as
> legally
> joined after the official betrothal. (No, I have NO idea where that is,
> but I'm
> sure there was a passing comment somewhere....)

Here, I''ll help out:
A Civil Campaign, chapter 16:
The thoughtful expression on Mama's face suggested that at least she liked
his attitude . . . . "Is it that you wish to just be betrothed?" she asked
"That's almost the same as marriage, here," said Kareen. "You give these

Karen Hunt

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