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Am 06.01.2017 um 14:10 schrieb Aruvqan:
> http://www.meecomfg.com/FireEx/index.php
> This is the one we have on hand here. We have a couple in log version
> and 5 or 6 of these here at my Mom's house - the logs we just stack with
> the rest of the wood, the packets are on a nearby shelf.
> Yes creosote is the distillate of wood that is what you seem to be
> calling wood tar - it is a combination [you distill wood alcohol, the
> clear liquid methanol or methyl alcohol] by hating wood in a sealed
> container, and the combination of carbon, saps and methanol is more or
> less creosote [which is actually also specifically distilled and used as
> a surface treatment to preserve wood - it keep bugs away and the tars
> seal the usrface from water damage for a period, it is why in the US
> railroad ties and telephone/electrical poles have that funky tarry smell
> and dark appearance.] Creosote distills onto the surface of the chimney
> interior and soaks into the sooty deposits, hence the need for regular
> sweeping. Hard woods produce less creosote [probably because they have a
> hotter slower burn than the really sappy woods like pine and birch]
> They also make products that you burn to reduce the creosote buildup, I
> think they suggest burning them once a month or so. Rob just gets out
> the stuff and sweeps the chimney if it looks like gunk is building up.
> On 1/5/2017 4:08 PM, Baur wrote:
>> Am 05.01.2017 um 21:59 schrieb Aruvqan:
>>> On 1/5/2017 3:41 PM, Marc Wilson wrote:
>>>> The sweep recommends every 6 months.
>>> We sweep at the beginning and end of the wood heating season - the
>>> beginning to take care of any possible birds nests or cobweb
>>> infestations of the chimney [better safe than sorry] and at the end of
>>> course to deal with any possible creosote buildup. We also are careful
>>> to avoid heavy-creosote woods like pine and birch [other than as small
>>> split kindling for starting fires.]
>> interesting - will have to ask our sweep about this - he spoke only
>> about soot
>> i assume that creosote in this context is identical to wood tar -
>> should be a lesser problem for us as we have only one wood fireplace
>> and use only oak or beech or similar hard woods 8the central heating
>> in the apartment in vienna uses gas, the central heating in the
>> weekend house uses oil)
>>> We also keep a few of those 'logs' of the supressing chemical - you get
>>> a small chimney fire they can frequently be supressed if you get them
>>> soon enough with burning some sort of chemical that does something to
>>> stop the fire.
>> can you give a name or internet site for this material?
>> servus
>> markus
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