[LMB] A true Vor lady

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 7 06:00:34 GMT 2017

I was wandering through some of the books, not really READING them, just
revisiting bits and pieces at random, waiting for inspiration to strike.

I was reading Komarr, at the beginning, when Miles is meeting the Vorsoissons.
Ekaterin mentions that she doesn't work, and Tien comments that she's a
Vor lady. A proper Vor lady doesn't need to work.

Flip to the end, as Ekaterin stalks out of the hostage situation. Miles confesses
to her that if he had to he'd have let the terrorists kill their hostages, rather
than give in to them. And Ekaterin responds that of course he would. She'd die
if she had to, to save the Empire - she's Vor.

Miles responds that she's true Vor.

It's interesting to see how differently Tien and Miles (and Ekaterin) interpret
the characteristics of a proper Vor lady. I suppose Tien had to keep her
smaller than him, which didn't give much scope at all. Miles wants to stand
back and watch her fly. In a Vorish way, of course.

Mind you, by the end of GJ&RQ Ekaterin has seven kids, her own very successful
business, a District to run and the constant demands of a high-level political
hostess. And she's saved the Empire again. Plus she wrangles Miles.

I wonder if she ever thinks back to the peace and quiet, and rest, of those

days with Tien. Not that she'd miss Tien, just.... those moments of being

blessedly alone, with nobody wanting anything.


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