[LMB] Still hating Tien...

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As you say, "He always relied on his status as a Vor to get the jobs in the
first place", and thus he would be afraid of risking that status by
admiting to a mutation, irrational for sure at that time, but fears are not
A Vorkosigan can admit to anything (as Mile so aptly demonstrates) and keep
his privileges, a Vorsoisson... not so much. (or at least thats what Tien
has been raised to believe).

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> He always relied on his status as a Vor to get the jobs in the first
> place. Didn't Ekaterin write his resumes and applications for him. Also,
> his relations with his bosses and coworkers were terrible.
> Vorzhon's Dystrophy wouldn't have been life threatening or even very
> inconvenient if he had just owned up and gotten treatment. What he put
> Ekaterin through over Nikki was monstrous.
> I disliked him from his second sentence.
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> ...but I'm wondering - how much of an impact did the Vorzhon's Dystrophy
> have on Tien? How different would the marriage have been without it in the
> background, forcing Ekaterin to keep waiting and hoping, out of fear for
> Nikki?
> Without that, would he have been an adequate middle-level executive, and a
> reasonable if fairly insensitive husband? Would he have stayed longer in a
> job instead of moving around?
> Did it just make it easier for him to control Ekaterin, or was it the
> worst, most destructive factor in his failure as a human being?
> Gwynne
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