[LMB] AKICOTL: Roses in peril

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 11 12:47:01 GMT 2017

Latest update:  I couldn't spray the plants till this evening when it was
cooler (today was over 40C, bakingly hot) and then this afternoon the
cool change came through (here in Sydney the cool changes generally
come up the coast from the South, the Southerly Buster, and they hit
quite hard.)  So it was cooler, but with a very high wind, which isn't
great for using a spray that's not supposed to contact your skin.

I went out to check on my poor roses, and to see if it was safe to spray,
and... they were all gone! (The bugs, not the roses. Although they're
pretty much gone too, sadly.)  I couldn't find a single vile little beastly
bug. Either the wind took them away, or they just moved on (the plant
lady did say that they might move on, she sort of suggested that was my
best hope, actually.)

Fingers crossed that they're still gone tomorrow.

Thanks for the help and research - isn't it amazing how many different
things can go wrong with roses? Are we sure they're native to this
planet, they really seem to have difficulty surviving here.

And I'm still not sure they were Harlequin bugs, they didn't look like the
pix online, but they might have been baby ones, just hatched out.

Gwynne (Still upset, but coping.)

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