[LMB] Gregor: The beginning

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Sun Jan 15 05:24:53 GMT 2017

On Sat, 14 Jan 2017 15:36:21 +0000, Gwynne Powell
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>Well, once he knew about the plot, Aral could have warned Serg or
>others.  He is complicit in allowing a dummy war and invasion to
>proceed, thinking it was the least bad option.
>Warning Serg and keeping him alive wasn't a great idea; Ezar's reasoning that Serg and
>his cabal would be a disaster for Barrayar was true. His solution, however, wasn't the
>best response to the problem. I know it would probably have caused some unrest, but
>I think a nice neat assassination would have been the best way to go - they could go a
>bit artistic and fake an accident, which wouldn't convince anyone but it'd show respect
>for tradition. There would probably have been some housecleaning to do afterwards, but
>even so the death toll would have been way lower than attacking Escobar. Aral could have
>killed Serg, but he'd need to take Ges out as well, for neatness and to improve the species.

The point was more than just getting rid of Serg and his immediate
cronies, though.  It was to deal a devastating blow to the War Party
that would silence them for a generation.
"An economist is someone who, shown something working in practice,
wonders if it would work in theory."  - Ronald Reagan.

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