[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Thu Jan 26 17:51:15 GMT 2017

Kalina Varbanova is 36 today! The Vorbanovs have been asking if she can
return and have her birthday there on South Continent again, and who I am to
disappoint them? They still think of Kalina as one of their own, even if she
lives so far away. So naturally Kalina's gift is another trip to their
castle in South Continent, where they are ready to greet her, introduce her
to everyone again (they realize that just one visit isn't enough t memorize
everyone). This year Grandmama has knitted her some woolly things against
the cold weather they've heard Earth has some of the time, everyone goes out
riding to the picnic spot, and a merry time is had by all. Things aren't
quite so formal this time as they were the year before-she's more a member
of the family rather than just a guest, which is more relaxing for Kalina, I
should think. Still, the food and drink flow quite freely, and this time
Kalina doesn't run into the love-lies-itching for which she is duly
thankful. The evening ends with fireworks, because any time is a good reason
for fireworks, and then Kalina is sent home on a lovely, luxurious starship
that takes a few weeks subjective time, but it's just the next day by the
time she gets home. 


Happy Birthday!


Jean Lamb

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