[LMB] Re: Rockets light up the sky!

Sue Pittak sukiyaki531 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 21:24:44 BST 2017


Birthday rockets, that is. With a shower of sparks it lights up across the

sky in huge, shimmering letters (and numbers, of course):

Sue Pittak, May 31st!

Well, it's not easy spelling things out in rockets.

But happy birthday, Sue!  Birthday wishes from us all!


As a one-time professional proofreader, I hate to say it, but birthday
greetings spelled out in skyrockets are perfectly acceptable. Preferable,

More snippage from Gwynne:

And for your birthday we have a real treat - you'll be doing a special

tour of some of the outlying rural areas of several Districts on Barrayar.

Each of these districts is famous for a particular craft - fine
embroidery, lacemaking,
patchwork, knitting, weaving, crochet, and combinations of such fine arts.
You'll tour the local museums and see displays of their best work, meet the
local experts, and see demonstrations of their different styles. Districts,
regions, even villages have their own patterns and secret methods - you'll
be learning some techniques and methods that have been passed down for
centuries, from mother to daughter. Few outsiders are given such access -
you're a very special guest.

The Arts & Crafts tour sounds amazing! I *HEART* arts and crafts! The move
to my new place is nearly completed. I’ m now adding the finishing touches
such as hanging artwork, acquiring a few more plants, and filling up a
bookcase wall with books too long in storage.

Speaking of storage. while moving, I found a half hide of elk-tanned
cowhide from my pipe bag making days! I knew I had a variety of assorted
leather scraps stashed away, but a whole half hide??? Yowzah! Artsy-crafty
visions galore! Something along the lines of this:


But with silver VK maple leaves, of course...

I can’t wait to get back to my other artsy-craftsy stuff, like kumihimo,
biscornu, polymer clay kalediscope canes, and perfecting faux mercury glass
techniques - I bought two lamps from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore shop I
wan to refurbish that way for  my new living room. Heckuva deal!

So the birthday tour is very much appreciated. Thank you all! Now if you
can just rustle up a rest stop featuring some of Ma Kosti’s delectable
dainties -something with rhubarb, say - why, that would be pretty near
heaven!!! Just sayin’…

Vorkosiganly yours.

Sue, too long a-lurking

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