[LMB] Baen contest: SF/Mystery drabble

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I considered nominating Miles in this contest but the rules do prohibit
using characters who are already detectives. I am not sure if this covers
Miles or not. 

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Subject: [LMB] Baen contest: SF/Mystery drabble

The request is to justify which SF detective, or character, you'd hire
(presuming they could be hired)  to investigate a crime, and why.


Seems like Miles would be near top of the list.  

Since I can't confine myself to drabble-length thoughts I dare bring the
notion here. 

I honestly thought from the first chapter of _Chalion_ that Caz would be the
POV detective investigating the mysterious "Death in the Old Mill". This is
probably due to overdose of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy titles in my reckless
youth. Not sure when in the book I gave up that misconception. I _still_
think the unnamed saint of the Father who knows who lies in the courtroom
would be an interesting detective --  dealing with lies OUTSIDE the
courtroom where his gifts would not apply and reconciling honest testimony
conflicts among the witnesses and suspects. 

Ingrey, of course, and now Pen. 

Other than Bujoldian Sherlocks, there are those with SF-nal superpowered
cop/tects: Gil the ARM, R. Daneel Olivaw (sp?) and maybe, wozzername, Lauren
from _Islands in the Net_.   

"Hunter", from Clement's _Needle_, would be good. 

All in all I want Lord Darcy and Friar O'Lochlainn, with the tools and
techniques they've mastered, looking into things.  

Who have I missed? 
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