[LMB] Group Read of Richard III 1.2

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Sat Jun 10 22:49:40 BST 2017

The street scene between Richard and Lady Anne
may have, I believe, resonated with the Barrayaran
lay audience by echoing Aral wooing and winning
the Betan military captain reputed to have been
the primary enemy of Serg, Ges, and the Escobarran
invasion fleet. Why would Cordelia NOT hate Aral?
And what sort of persuasions, flattery, chemicals,
blackmail or threats would Aral have exercised to
pull the lady BACK from Beta Colony to be his wife? 

>Teach not thy lip such scorn, 
>for it was made For kissing, lady, 
>not for such contempt.
>If thy revengeful heart cannot forgive, 
>Lo, here I lend thee this sharp-pointed sword,
>Which if thou please to hide in this true breast
>And let the soul forth that adoreth thee,
>I lay it naked to the deadly stroke
>And humbly beg the death upon my knee. 

The rumors of events on the as-yet-to-be
named planent Sergyar will have included
distorted tales of Aral "wooing" Gottyan back
from (what Aral would call) treason by baring
his own breast as target in much the same fashion. 
The confused leaks and rumors about the Regent's
relationships will have a lot of people looking for 
familiar narrative models to paste the data into. 

I think Miles is hardly the first on Barrayar to
latch onto R3 as some sort of cautionary tale for
Empires, wives, regents, revolutionaries, and romantics.

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