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Torn Out Theater is planning a mostly nude Hamlet with a male cast this summer. See  http://www.tornouttheater.org/hamlet/

They did the nude Tempest in Prospect Park last year.

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Care to unpack for the rest of us?

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There is a production of "Julius Caeser"
going on now that is making more news than
is newsworthy, mostly because of the casting
and costuming.

If you are referring to the production I am thinking of, it’s not the
but rather the *lack* of costuming.

Oh, wells.
I got confused JC with “The Tempest” in Prospect Park.
<http://gothamist.com/2016/09/07/body_positive_mostly_nude_shakespeare.php#photo-1 <http://gothamist.com/2016/09/07/body_positive_mostly_nude_shakespeare.php#photo-1>>

Now if they’d done “JC” in the nude using an all female cast?!

Oh, again it’s only mostly nude. Ack, I didn’t my artistic scandals separate.

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