[LMB] Ekaterin grows up

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 15 02:03:29 BST 2017

This is in response to Pouncer's post about Ekaterin growing up (without absolving Tien's actions, of 

Thirty is kind of a coming-of-age for a lot of women. Also, having your kid go into slightly higher 
education is also a milestone -- say, around 10 or 12. It took ten long years of shirking (or from 
another point of view, trying to uphold and mend her tattered honor and duty) to finally say, 

In some ways, Tien dying was the easy way out by the author. Much more readable, and he was not much 
regretted by characters in the book, or readers out of the book. What a lousy way to die -- with 
scarcely a good word said after one is gone. 

But in some ways, it was a complete nightmare. "What if I leave him? What's the worst case scenario?" 

"He dies, my conscience is guilty, his relatives try to take my kid, we are in for a poverty-stricken 
existence, etc. etc. etc." 

Pretty much all of that came true as soon as Ekaterin asserted herself, but in the early days, she 
had Miles to support her and show her that all those worst-possibles were something that could be 
overcome. (Although, who exactly is the power behind saving her child from awful relatives? 

Ultimately, Gregor steps in on that one. But he makes it clear that Ekaterin deserves the help 
because she's been so powerful on behalf of his Empire.) 

In the wrong circumstances, having all those terrible things come true after leaving her husband 
might have knocked the budding assertiveness right out of Ekaterin. But she was nurtured, and she 


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