[LMB] Ekaterine meat Miles (and vice versa)

Walter Bushell proto at panix.com
Mon Jun 19 17:30:32 BST 2017

Sorry the puns were just too hard to resist and if you will bear with me, perhaps
both meaning will apply.

Whilst rereading[1] the beginning of _Komarr_, it seems that Ekaterine was *activated*
by the presence of Lord Auditor Miles. All those questions about his background and 
wondering about his ah romantic history. Her uncle gave him enough background for
social purpose but she was itching to know why he wasn’t married and Lord Auditor Miles was
everything that Tien wasn’t including an apparent mutant, vise Tien who was an unapparent
mutant. And her musing that Tien did not consider Miles competition, he probably is accusing her
of going after Venier types as she noted he chose men who were not attractive to her as 
putative lovers.

Miles was more aware of his attraction, 

This was probably picked up back channel by Miles hence the strength of that reaction.
Plus their scents were probably very compatible.

“Her perfume was making his reptile-brain want to roll over and do tricks, 
and he wasn't even sure she was wearing any.”

And this

“She wanted personal data, but she kept getting career synopses. She would have to take a more embarrassingly direct path. While arranging her first spoonful of her spiced apple tart and ice cream, she finally worked up her nerve to ask, "Is he married?”

Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks. 

Followed up by a whole slew of personal (neigh, almost parsonal) questions. 

It would just be over the top if she asked her uncle if Miles were homosexual or impotent. Just unthinkable
to ask aloud for a married Vor woman.

[1] As part of trying to seduce a new reader into the cult.


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