[LMB] Richard III in _Komarr_

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From: Walter Bushell  

“Was ever woman in this humor wooed? Was ever woman in this humor won?”

Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks. 

Act I scene 2 Richard III

Could apply in ACC.


Micki: Girls, girls, girls. It's interesting that neither Richard nor Miles see themselves as suited 
for romance particularly, but they are both handy with the ladies. Richard does more pursuing than 
Miles does at first -- and his goal isn't love for himself, but political power. Miles always has 
politics in the background (one of his major needs is for a Lady Vorkosigan), but he's not wooing 
these women for how they can boost his standing. (Although -- boosting his standing just by marrying 
him is something.)

Richard goes through one wife, kills her off, tries to get betrothed to a second (relative, if I 
remember right) and while making his pitch to Princess's mother, steals a kiss from said mother (at 
least in the McKellen version). 

Did this serve as a cautionary tale for Miles? Grab your power on your own merit -- don't try to 
marry into it. Miles isn't really interested in grabbing power on Barrayar, but as Naismith, his 
priorities are a little different. (First of all, it isn't treasonous for Naismith to grab power -- 
but it's fourteen different kinds of trouble for Miles VK to grab power.) So, he dates Elly Quinn 
and lets her be seen as a sort of consort, but doesn't seduce her. Or murder her, either. He's more 
like the King (Edward?) in Richard III -- lecherous with mistresses. Although, again, he doesn't 
seduce. He attracts mistresses who want to be with him. 


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