[LMB] Happy Birthday, Antoine Guillaud!

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Mon Jun 26 13:17:39 BST 2017

While lacking the bodily deformity implied on the cover of _A Civil Campaign_, both the guards at the gate and the one escorting you inside maintain perfect posture.  You wonder how every crease remains in place, even when they move and (presumably) breathe.  On the other hand, any uniform that has even potentially come into contact with Alys Vorpatril wouldn't dare be any less than perfectly behaved.

You're escorted to a lavishly appointed reception room, in which stands a medium man in every aspect, except for some exquisite tailoring.  His voice is quiet, and his movements somewhat languid, but, while lacking the exuberance of Professor Vorthys, his whole expression is one of easygoing good nature.  He greets you affably, chatting about your journey.  He asks about your interests and hobbies, changing direction a few times in response to your answers.  

You receive a thorough tour of the Imperial Residence from Count Henri VorVolk, even (should your tastes so incline) Emperor Gregor's private collection of modern art.  Your affable host is very well-informed about all the art, architecture, decorations, etc.  He can even tell you a bit about the textiles and fabrics, the districts they're from, what the designs symbolize, etc.  (His lady wife makes sure he well appreciates the contributions of women.  ;))  He maintains a steady flow of quiet conversation.  

As a loyal friend, you'll get no Emperor Gregor or even Count VorBarra stories from him, but there's no such reserve about other folks.  Under the guise of "it is rumored that", you get quite a few Miles stories out of him.  He's pleasantly astonished at some of the "rumors" you're able to share about Miles, Ivan, Byerly and others.  You both agree that no one is so wildly improbable as Count VorKosigan and his friends.  He's especially impressed with some of your backstage "Miles' wedding" gossip.

After an entertaining tour, you adjourn to the gardens for an agreeable afternoon repast.  You suspect, but are too tactful to ask, that it's the same place of a certain famous meeting between Gregor and Laisa.  Plutonium-density desserts may well be involved.

May your day be full of your favorite fun and happy things!


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