[LMB] Happy Birthday, Dan Reitman!

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Mon Jun 26 13:55:56 BST 2017

As you enter the foyer at VorBretten House, you stand still, struck by the beauty of the place.  You think, it's just like Miles to neglect mentioning how stunning the house is.  But then, he's not exactly known for artistic sensitivity.

Your hostess sweeps in.  Although Countess Tatya VorBretten is as beautiful and her hazel eyes as bright as ever, these days her bouncing ebony ringlets are pulled up, out of the reach of clutching young fingers.  Which, she hastens to assure you, have retired for the evening.  You have an informal, private dinner with her and Count René, during which they solicit your opinion on several business ventures they and her father are thinking of sponsoring.  You're no Lord Mark, of course, but there's enough overlap with your areas of expertise, to have an agreeable conversation.  

And there's a gracious plenty of that, over a wide range of subjects.  (Although excellent, the Vorbrettens' cook is no Ma Kosti, so they try to make up for it with entertaining conversation.)  After the meal, you all adjourn to a side room containing a circle of comfortable chairs in various sizes, filled with a number of folks of various ages and social backgrounds.  Your hosts explain they thought you'd enjoy a meeting of the songwriters-and-musicians group René sponsors.  There are ex tempore games and challenges; others play pieces they've been working on for some time.  The styles range from lively dance tunes to elegiac operas [excerpts].  One wickedly snarky piece of particular complexity (lots of alliteration, internal rhyme, etc.) is greeted with especial acclaim.  When asked who wrote it, you're given a pseudonym and suspect it was penned by your host himself.  It's a lovely time you'll always remember, with wit, charm, kindness, and an ample abundance of excellent snacks.

May your day be as happy and fun.


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