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>     > But, Gwynne, any test is a gift. And any test involving you is a great
>     > gift. It's always good to hear from you.
>     Seconded--which has additional definitions.
>     Also, the preprogrammed part of my brain takes off from the subject
> header:
>     This is a test. This only a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.
> Repeat, this only a test. (Then long tones)
>     (somewhere in there was possibly words to the effect of "Had this been a
> real emergency, you would be directed to go to the nearest emergency shelter")
>     Started about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, as it was called in
> the US. Can't remember when the duck & cover routine started in schools, but
> might have been 61/62. Don't recall it in '60, didn't happen the several
> months in Okinawa, and I can't recall much of anything in 2nd grade. Didn't
> happen school years 65-67 in Albuquerque, and I'm not sure that exercise had
> continued when back in CA afterwards.
>     Yes, the public sirens once a week continued for a while longer, and now,
> only on radio stations once in a while.
>     I think for a few years after the purpose for the original exercise, duck
> & cover was briefly taught in CA in case of quakes, discontinued when it
> became known that it wasn't going to help. Good way to have your spine
> severely injured in a major quake, if something heavy falls on you.
>     I think the sirens are deployed in Tornado Alley, but haven't a clue.
>     Anyone outside the US have either sirens or drills?

yes - two / three in fact in Austria

all local voluntary fire departments test their sirens every Saturday at 1210h
(not to interfere with the noon bells from the churches) - this test is under
local control, its a simple 10 second howl

And the same sirens are tested nationwide once a year under the remote control
of the civil defence department of the ministry of the interior - the signals
are the three civil defence / major catastrophe signals (warning, acute danger,
all clear) - this test does not only include the voluntary fire department
sirens, but also all sirens in major cities)

an in some alpine valleys they also test the same sirens once a year for the
evacuate signal for some major dams - this test would be under the remote
control of the operations room for the dam and employs a different signal to
those above (the Vajont disaster is still very much in every dam owners mind)



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