[LMB] Ekaterin again!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 14:47:51 BST 2017

Yes, I'm still going - just got caught up in physiotherapy, university courses and

some really weird computer problems.

But I trudge on regardless.

So, Ekaterin and her triumph with the wormhole conspirators.

This isn't her supreme moment - that came earlier when she finally split with Tien.

The split from Tien really tore her apart, emotionally - up till then her whole identity,
and her justification for a decade of grinding misery, was that she was doing the full Vor
thing, being a good Vor wife. Being a good Vor.

But then she tossed it to toss Tien as well.

And THEN she faced down the conspirators, and had that marvellous cathartic moment
when she smashed their giant whatsit, (and saved five thousand lives, as she found out
later.)  But the full importance of it all, for Ekaterin, was that she found herself again. And
she was still Vor. She's still true to her ideals - she tells the conspirators that she and her
aunt are Vor, they will die for Barrayar if necessary, it's their job. Their identity. She tells
Miles the same after his (somewhat belated) rescue.

And she stalks out of the loading bay, head high, as a true Vor.

It wasn't Vor that was wrong, it was Tien. Ekaterin stays Vor to the backbone, then and later.
It's still her identity, she just interprets it differently. With Tien, she had to stay smaller than
him, which got progressively more difficult. With Miles, his view of the perfect Vor husband
is to encourage her to stretch out as far as she can reach. Miles is a support, not a limit.

Oh, and I love it that from this point on she gets delightfully snarky.

And Miles has found a woman just like his mother: Aral found it difficult to rescue Cordelia
because she'd always rescued herself before he got there. Ekaterin does just the same.

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