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Wikipedia is a good resource if you check their reference endnotes. On this one, someone's research was apparently off the top of their heads. I've sung in chorus in the past and they are mistaken this time. Or rather, incomplete.

Beatrice Otter wrote:What type of chorus or choir?  It makes a difference.  In my experience, your average community choir will not differentiate.  And why should they?  SATB is enough for all practical purposes.  But I went to a college with an incredible music department that regularly had graduates go on to professional careers in classical music although it was not a conservatory, and my dad is close friends with several professional opera singers.  In other words, I have spent significant time among people who I would expect to know such things, and they all used the scheme that Wikipedia lays out. People whose experience is limited to school choirs and community choirs or non-classical music are all over the map both in levels of knowledge and how they categorize voice types.  Professional classical musicians are not.
Beatrice Otter

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