[LMB] The Tixie rides again!

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 02:50:48 BST 2017

The Tixie comes in wearing Barrayaran country clothing, looking rather
battered and dirty, and muttering something about balky horses and stupid
Vor.  Then  he remembers his job, straightens up and announces:

Today we celebrate the birthday of our fellow listie Gwynne Powell.  For
your birthday treat, Gwynne, you will be taken on an all-expenses-paid tour
of the South Continent, and hosted by the Vorvaynes, representing the local
Vor families.  You may note some cultural differences from the main line of
Vor; this stems from the fact that the South Continent developed in
isolation during the Time of Isolation, until the North Continent found
them and integrated them into the Imperial system.  If you are interested
in alien plant life, you will get to see a lot of it, mostly from safely up
in a lightflyer.

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