[LMB] The Tixie rides again!

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Maybe once they're in contact with Earth again, they import kangaroos?  And

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> South Continent actually sounds interesting if you think about it. I
> wonder if the Vor ranchers out there have jolly swagmen coming by and
> stealing their sheep?
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> The Tixie comes in wearing Barrayaran country clothing, looking rather
> battered and dirty, and muttering something about balky horses and stupid
> Vor.  Then  he remembers his job, straightens up and announces:
> Today we celebrate the birthday of our fellow listie Gwynne Powell.  For
> your birthday treat, Gwynne, you will be taken on an all-expenses-paid tour
> of the South Continent, and hosted by the Vorvaynes, representing the local
> Vor families.  You may note some cultural differences from the main line of
> Vor; this stems from the fact that the South Continent developed in
> isolation during the Time of Isolation, until the North Continent found
> them and integrated them into the Imperial system.  If you are interested
> in alien plant life, you will get to see a lot of it, mostly from safely up
> in a lightflyer.
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