[LMB] You're going to the Vorkosiverse. What do you want to get while you're there?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 07:31:58 BST 2017

Oooh, I would have never thought of the medical implications, but yes. First stop would be to the 
Durona Clinic to lose weight (and get a nice supply of drugs to take home), fix my poor feet, and get 
a little life extension action going on. (I promise, I'm going to be so good when I get back home, and 
take care to never go over five kilos over my desirable weight.)

Then I'd go visiting all of the Vorkosigans. I would like to be invited to at least one Ma Kosti 
feast, even if it is only tea and pastries. 

I want to see the exotic wonders of Illyria, and the best of Cetaganda. A quick visit to Earth to see 
how the old planet turned out. 

I'd like to sit down with Professor Vorthys, and hear about the most simple tiny tweak in the past 
years that has made a huge difference in people's life, then I'd go home and mess with the time/space 
continuum by "inventing it" and making a bunch of money. 

And I would definitely bring home living furs for the whole family and select friends (and a whole 
crate of them for any Listees who want one). 

I think I'd write a SF story about my adventures with the serial numbers filed off, and also a 
cookbook featuring the best of what I'd eaten in the Vorkosigan Universe. 

(-: Yes, I'm worried about my retirement, and I plan to make a mint off of this trip! I also plan to 
have a great, hedonistic time! 

What a fun exercise of the imagination! Thanks, Eric!

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