[LMB] The Tixie, a little bit late

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 07:53:18 BST 2017

The Tixie comes staggering in, wearing a rumpled flight suit and muttering
about "never letting that crazy Vor dwarf show me what his lightflyer can
do in the Dendarii Gorge again!"  Then eh remembers his duty and intones:

Today, September 15, we celebrate the advent on Earth of our fellow listie,
Palmer (known as epalmer).  Palmer, for your birthday, you are going to get
to go to a long lunch with Aral Vorkosigan and his fellow officers, and
listen to them talking shop while you eat the delicacies on tap at
Vorkosigan House.  Afterward, you get a tour of Vorbarr Sultana, and your
driver shall NOT be Ivan Vorpatril!

(Sorry if this is late; I _thought_ it had been sent earlier.)

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