[LMB] A special appearance by the Birthday Tixie, celebrating a non-listie most of us love anyway

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1966 was ages ago but there were so many good books!
Heinlein, Niven, Delaney, Bradbury, Harrison, Herbert, Le Guin, Schmitt, Dick, Vance, Asimov, Anderson, Lovecraft, Zelazny, Garrett, and Laumer. 
Not only a list of greats but many of the books are classics. 
Herself was still in High School but she would have fit right in. 

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>> ohes noes - Harry Potter was published when I was in college, i can't be
>> old enough for Her-my-oh-ninny to be that old!  *croggle*
> Ooh, that's a good game:  in my first year in college - 
> The Selfish Gene, Interview with the Vampire, Roots, Children of Dune,
> The Omen, Dragonsong, The Riddle-Master of Hed, The Hand of Oberonm
> Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, The Bicentennial Man, Man Plus, Wilt,
> The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, The Dragon and the George, Seed to
> Harvest, Camber of Culdi, Patternmaster, A World Out of Time, Doorways
> in the Sand, Deus Irae, Bolo, The Shattered Chain, Mindbridge,Trouble on
> Triton, Very Far Away from Anywhere Else, Long After Midnight, My Name
> is Legion, Gate of Ivrel..  not a bad year.
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