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Wed Sep 20 23:47:04 BST 2017

Meg Justus just posted the following; listies are still rocking the world! 
Susan, who also took me to the grocery store this morning -- thank you, Susan! -- brought me this incredible package today. I'm still not sure what machinations went on that caused the Australian/New Zealand Bujold contingent to send said package to one of my quilting friends here, but I won't go there :) Anyway, the package was full of all *sorts* of things. Edibles, and soap, and two lovely pieces of jewelry (I'd never seen a pin shaped like a wombat before :) ), and two books about Australia, and a plethora of cards and postcards with cool down under pictures and lovely messages, all in a really pretty cotton shopping bag with aboriginal art on it. *So* cool and *so* amazing. Thank you all very much -- let's see, Iestyn, Gwynne, Merriam, Stacey, Mel, Diane, Lois R., Raye, Helen, and Catherine, who mailed the whole thing! Could those of you who I've linked to please relay my thanks to those of you I can't link to? And if I missed anyone, I do apologize! This is just gobsmacking. Wow.

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