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> >From the discussion about matrilineal societies, a few ponderings....
> >Or polyandry, where a woman has two or more husbands (at the same time).
> Was the system in some rural societies, where all the sons married the same
> woman. It meant that they stayed and worked on the family farm, all sons
> had a share. Paternity of children didn't need to be identified, the
> brothers shared paternity of the children. It kept adult males working on
> the farm without having to split the land between many sons and cousins in
> the next generation.
> Still goes on in part of Tibet and rural Nepal.  But for slightly
> different reasons: the people are traders, mostly on foot.  So a husband
> can be away for months at a time.
> >
Something of the sort was practiced _de facto_ in Venice at some times.  A
woman would marry the eldest of several brothers, and end up being shared
among them all.  This was because marriage was expensive and not all noble
families could afford brides for all their sons.

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