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> wrote:
> > >Or polyandry, where a woman has two or more husbands (at the same time).
> > Was the system in some rural societies, where all the sons married the
> same
> > woman. It meant that they stayed and worked on the family farm, all sons
> > had a share. Paternity of children didn't need to be identified, the
> > brothers shared paternity of the children. It kept adult males working on
> > the farm without having to split the land between many sons and cousins
> in  the next generation.
> >
> Something of the sort was practiced _de facto_ in Venice at some times.  A
> woman would marry the eldest of several brothers, and end up being shared
> among them all.  This was because marriage was expensive and not all noble
> families could afford brides for all their sons.
> --
I wonder what the women thought of htis.  And how much of the women's
writing*, vs men's writing, is available.

*Ghost of Christine de Pizan wailing that of course women are written as
the source of all evil, look who is writing all the books.

Currently reading A distant mirror; the calamitous 14th century, very
interesting, and C de P mentioned a few times.

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