[LMB] Tixie, catching up before heading off to Iowa City

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 17:47:29 BST 2017

The Tixie comes staggering onstage, wearing ragged Barrayaran fatigues and
blazing away offstage at what he snarls are "damn Cetagandan ghem swine."
Then he looks out at the list and says:

Yesterday was Elizabeth Holden's birthday, she was born in 1952.  Today is
Mieke's birthday, and that was in 1950.  My apologies, but between fighting
off the Cetagandan invaders and getting ready for several days in the hands
of the medicos in Iowa City, I've been running in all directions at once.

For your birthdays, you shall be taken on a ship to Ylla, where you will be
put up at a fancy beach resort as the guests of the Barrayaran Consul and
his wife, and sit on the sunny beach drinking drinks with umbrellas in them.

A blaster bolt nearly parts the Tixie's hair, and he ducks, returns fire,
and runs off stage.

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