[LMB] Middle of the night thoughts.

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 04:33:39 BST 2017

From: Kevin Kennedy 

After a trip down the hall, I was waiting to get back to sleep. For some reason, I got to thinking about Winterfair Gifts and the cat blanket. I wonder if its still around. Then the more interesting question hit; do any of the kids carry a security blanket? One that purrs?


Micki: Oh! I wonder how easy it would be to get rid of one when it got tatty and 
bald. I mean, it seems practically mammalian -- no mammaries, but it purrs and is 
warm and moves a bit (IIRC). It'd be so easy to anthromorphize it, and it seems 
it doesn't really have an obsolescence switch (well, maybe it does -- early 
models might not), so when do you decide to euthanize your blankie? 

I really wonder if it got banished to the Vorkosigan attics, or possibly a guest 
room for intergalactic guests who could take that kind of thing in stride. Can 
you imagine one of the rooms in the Old Vorryuter Place . . . maybe one well-
known for a ghost? Now imagine it as a guest room with a cat blanket . . . 
shiver! It'd be informally known amongst the staff as the Unnerving Suite, and 
reserved for special guests who were susceptible to psychological warfare.

Now I need to know: are cat blankets a SF thing, or would any cat blanket story I 
happened to write for October be a VK fanfic? What are the ethics of borrowing a 
bit of technology or whatever from one author and transferring it to one's own 
universes? (I'd have to create a whole new universe for this cat blanket 

Ah well, I should be writing other things. 


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