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>     Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> hat am 28. September 2017 um
> 03:41 geschrieben:
>     From: Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>
>     Basically, I've noticed that most people tend to go along with whatever's
>     normal in their environment. Which is why I have trouble with novels where
>     noblewomen and royal women throw epic fits when told that their father or
>     the King is going to pick them out a husband, in societies where this is
>     the norm. Objecting to _that particular_ husband, I can easily see, and it
>     did happen historically...but demanding to be allowed to marry "for love"
>     would be totally not done. Marriage, at their social level, was
>     "business---nothing personal," as the Corleones would say.
>     Gwynne: Totally agree! I love history, especially particular periods or
> cultures,
>     and I find it almost impossible to read books set in those times. That's
> one of
>     the big pluses for fantasy and SF, for me - the rules are whatever the
> writer
>     says, so I don't spend the whole book muttering '...but no woman would
> say/do
>     that in THAT culture, it wouldn't even be considered! And THAT was against
> the
>     law... and that's not a concept they even thought about....' By which time
> I've
>     lost all sympathy with the characters.
>     Contemporary writers are fine, they know their own rules. Some (few)
> writers
>     do the research and are true to the times. But way too many stomp in with
>     modern ideals and impose them on a culture that was completely different,
> with
>     no .... ok, don't start me. This could go on for some time, with examples.

please DO go on for some time, with examples!



>     As for marriage - it was your job. Your parents got you the best deal they
> could,
>     for status or wealth or hopefully both. Your job was to breed, to push
> your
>     family's interests, and to run the household or fight the wars or
> whatever. You
>     expected, or at least hoped, for respect and affection. And.... again,
> I'll stop or
>     I could whitter on forever.
>     But they should get it RIGHT or not do it at all!
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