[LMB] Tixie, catching up before heading off to Iowa City

mieke mvanspanje at home.nl
Thu Sep 28 11:26:57 BST 2017

A bit late reaction. Thank you very much for this trip to Ylla. Just 
what I needed.

And a good recovery for the Tixie!

Op 25-9-2017 om 18:47 schreef Eric Oppen:
> The Tixie comes staggering onstage, wearing ragged Barrayaran fatigues and
> blazing away offstage at what he snarls are "damn Cetagandan ghem swine."
> Then he looks out at the list and says:
> Yesterday was Elizabeth Holden's birthday, she was born in 1952.  Today is
> Mieke's birthday, and that was in 1950.  My apologies, but between fighting
> off the Cetagandan invaders and getting ready for several days in the hands
> of the medicos in Iowa City, I've been running in all directions at once.
> For your birthdays, you shall be taken on a ship to Ylla, where you will be
> put up at a fancy beach resort as the guests of the Barrayaran Consul and
> his wife, and sit on the sunny beach drinking drinks with umbrellas in them.
> A blaster bolt nearly parts the Tixie's hair, and he ducks, returns fire,
> and runs off stage.
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