[LMB] Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 148, Issue 62

Sue Pittak sukiyaki531 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 21:13:59 BST 2017

Subject: Re: [LMB] Culture

Eric said:

Showing the cadets at the Imperial Academy the movie _Animal House_
would probably
get me a personal, one-on-one interview with none other than the Emperor:

"You IDIOT!  You gave them IDEAS!"

Followed by a lifetime sinecure as weather officer on Kyril Island.

Nah! Any culture that has a cherished Winterfair holiday tradition called
The Drunken Vor Crawling Races could most likely teach those Animal House
frat boys a thing or three!

On Kyril Island, it's probably the national sport, year round.

 Just saying'...

Back to lurking

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