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>     My favorite example of a wallbanger was a short story, allegedly set in
>     the Regency Period of England. The lead female is at a ball. Suddenly
> she's
>     dancing to the Blue Danube Waltz. There is no space station in sight.
>     •late 19th C., not early 19th C.
>     •composer's parents haven't even met yet, and perhaps not even born yet.
>     They themselves may not yet have been a twinkle in a parent's eye yet.
>     composers parents might have met - johann strauss sen. was 16 at the end
> of the
>     regency period 8) and he this most definitely was born - johann strauss
> jun.
>     (the composer) was born in 1825 .. "An der schönen blauen Donau" was
> written end
>     of 1866
>     Thank you! I didn't bother to look that up, and it was a longlongtimeago
> that I tossed that book.

i had to learn that all in school - i knew that it was so, only had to look up
the birth date and the composition date (thats one of the benefits of going to
an austrian school - you learn about all our composers - the born and the



>      Marina
>     • If you're going to dance to that music, which is a waltz-*time* tune,
>     not an actual tune for a waltz, it has to be carefully choreographed as a
> set
>     piece, due to the tempo fluctuations. Yeah, I tried it. Once only.
>     Marcus: 
>     you CAN dance to it 8) - both partners have to know the piece pretty well,
> to know the tempi changes - and it helps if the ball room is so much filled
> that everyone can basically just sway in place (the classic Vienna Opera Ball
> syndrome)
>     Marina:
>     Exactly, and the partner and I who tried it did NOT know it well! 
>     Marina
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