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>> At one time, Chestnuts were huge supplier of food and feed in eastern
>>> United States. Huge. I haven’t seen them surviving in any fantasy novels
>>> though.<<
> In Santa Cruz County, there are American chestnuts which escaped the great
> chestnut blight of the early 20th C. I've stood under one of them, and they
> certainly are spreading and shady.
> "Soon after [1911], though, the American chestnuts were nearly wiped out
> by chestnut blight. The discovery of the blight fungus on some Asian
> chestnut trees planted on Long Island, New York, was made public in 1904.
> Within 40 years, the nearly four billion-strong American chestnut
> population in North America was devastated; only a few clumps of trees
> remained in Michigan, Wisconsin, California and the Pacific Northwest."
> Marina

There are a few in Maryland as well, I've driven past them on the way to
interesting places along the Chesapeake with my daughter. I keep offering
to visit, but she doesn't especially want to go to them.

Visitors are supposed to disinfect shoes and other such before seeing the

Karen Hunt

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