[LMB] What planet or universe could I live in.

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>> So I’ve been dropped into a fictional universe on a fictional planet, of course that likely means I am totally mad but given Heinlein’s continua craft it’s barely permissible for speculation, where could I survive. 
>> Since I’m nearly seventy and have no skills that would transfer, 5GU and WGW wouldn’t work. In fact any fantasy universe is probably unsurvivable. 
>> In the nexus, I could probably live on old Earth or beta Colony. Maybe on Barrayar, Sergeyar, or Komarr with charity and direct authorial interference by herself.
>> Boondock or other Heinleinian planets, probably not. Maybe on Williamson’s New Caledonia bot not on either Earth or Grainne. 
> I’ve seen people talk about how rich they would be if dropped in the past.   Well, they need to *start* by having something to trade for money even to get rich in their country a century ago.   It would be hard.   And communication gets hard.
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You want to be dropped in a world or area with a gunpowder monopoly knowing how to make gunpowder and a good
knowledge of military tactics and strategy including logistics.

With luck this worked for Calvin aka Lord Kalvin.

Dralm bless Lord Kalvin.

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