[LMB] Apologies

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 17:29:36 BST 2018

I am so far behind in reading the list [like almost 2000 posts...] I am 
going to simply mark everything read and start over .. if someone said 
something to me, I apologize and you can perhaps resend?

I have been having health issues since last fall, and have just been 
diagnosed with cancer in my colon with lesions on my liver, and one in 
the bone of my pelvis and I am going to be starting chemo shortly, and I 
understand that one of the side effects is 'chemo brain' which is sort 
of lke pregnancy or mom brain, memory issues, problems multitasking, 
attention span and the like on top of nausea and effects from being 
slowly poisoned deliberately. I also apologize for that as well ...

And the irony of it all, I shaved my head at the beginning of January to 
support Meg Justus of blessed memory ...

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