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Delurking. (insert the sound of a Romular Warbird decloaking)
Been a long while since I've done this, so bear with me.

While I remembered the details, it's always best to quote the source, IMO.
And yes, I *do* take contemporaneous notes!  Here ya go! These are all from
this list, late summer 2012, with LMB answering questions.

From: Gwynne Powell
I'm just wondering, what happened to Mad Yuri?

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Yuri was born first, to Dorca's first wife/empress, who by the way was a
Vorrutyer of some high rank/standing.

Xav was born to this mistress/concubine some undefined number of years
later.  Dorca's marriage to Empress #1 continued after Xav's birth.  The
unnamed full sister of Yuri's was born last of the three.  (There may or
may not have been other siblings in both maternal lines, who did not
survive into my story .

In due course, Empress #1 passed away of natural causes.  After a
sufficient interval, Dorca was then free to wed his long-standing Vor
concubine An adult or near-adult Xav might well have attended his parents'

The last Dorca/Vorrutyer princess daughter was therefore probably in her
forties when she wed usurper Ezar (as was Ezar, for that matter),
accounting for there only being the one subsequent child, Serg.  It is not
known, but is possible, that she had a prior marriage before this, that
ended in the death of the spouse and perhaps offspring -- causes left to
the imagination along with the principals.  It is probable that she had a
high-stress life, in any case, atop whatever inherent tendencies to metal
illness she possessed, and cracked up over time.

Date: Aug. 25, 2012

Q: When did Dorca die/Yuri succeed in relation to the end of the Cetagandan
war, if possible?

A: LMB - The range of possibilities include very, very close to the end of
the war, or up to a few years after.


Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 20:49:31 -0500 (CDT)

From: Lois McMaster Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com>

Yuri's full sister who later married Ezar is an unknown; she could have
been never-married, not a target, targeted but missed, or her husband and
kids might have been taken out that day as well

So, Yuri was half Vorrutyer, poor guy. *That* explains a lot! And he was
not on the campstool very long, so not a lot of opportunity for others to
observe his increasingly paranoid behavior, although I've long been of the
opinion the Defenestration of the Privy Council SHOULD have been a major
red flag...

A thought just occured: Dorca must have been a brother-in-law of his right
hand man, 'Bloody Pierre' Vorrutyer, who was, canonically the grandfather
of Piotr Pierre Vokosigan. Oy! Scary family tree!

Sue, in detail-oriented mode

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