[LMB] GJ&RQ - What happened to Yuri?

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>Gwynne: Yes, everyone acknowledges the ONE bad thing he did, the massacre.
>There's never ever any comment that it was the climax of his vile behaviours,
>it's the ONLY bad behaviour. Surely if he had a pattern of disgusting hobbies
>it'd be mentioned at least once.

We have a POV issue for this. We hear about the massacre from Aral, *who was there.* It was one of the most important and traumatic events of his childhood. He was probably too young to be following other political issues - he was the spare, not the heir, and only around 9 years old.  

We also hear a little about this from Piotr - who lost his wife and heir at the massacre.

For both of them, while Yuri may have been doing much worse things to other people, this was the most significant thing he did *to them.*  I think I remember Piotr and Ezar talking about this, and the massacre was what convinced Piotr to throw his support behind Ezar. Which suggests that things were bad, but not bad enough for the high Vor to turn on the Emperor. Ezar had already decided to oppose Yuri before the massacre, Piotr decided because of the massacre.  

Much like with Serg, he was, at the time of his death, focusing his perversions on people who didn't "count" to the high Vor men - proles, foreigners, women of his own household. Ezar did not want it to reach a stage where the high Vor would turn on Serg causing another major civil war. 

Ezar seems to have a knack for seeing when someone is going to be a bad ruler, before other people realize that something must be done.



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