[LMB] about Penric...

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Sat Apr 28 15:27:40 BST 2018

[LMB] about Penric...
Fred Smith fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us
Sat Apr 28 02:19:32 BST 2018

It just dawned on me t'other day that Penric must haave Marfans Syndrome.

Anybody else notice this? Am I all wet?

I quote from Prisoner of LImnos:

     ...Pen shook his skirts and attempted to gently shove them away
     with a long sandaled foot.

     Nikys gestured Pen to one bunk, and sat on the other facing
     him. With his long legs, they were nearly knee to knee.

     He seemed very human to her now, flesh and blood and long, long
     bones. Mistakes and miracles, awkwardness and profound grace,
     sorrow and joy. Beautiful hands, slim-fingered and sensitive
     and so very skilled at so many things. A woman would have to be
     a witless fool to let those hands get away.

I vaguely recall similar comments from the other books but am too
lazy go go look them up.

LMB:  I just had to go look up Marfan syndrome, so, no.

Some of the effect you note is because Pen is being described through 
Nikys's eyes, who is used to Cedonian men who are more short, stocky, 
and swarthy than Penric's pale, cold-mountain stock.  He's actually 
about 5'10", not especially tall at home in the Cantons which are 
littered with six-footers, but standing out in Cedonia where the average 
male height is more like 5'6". (Arisaydia is 5'8" and muscular, Nikys 
5'5".  And, as noted, round.  Makes Pen's eyes happy.)

And, of course, Pen is naturally slim and gracile, at least at the young 
age we're seeing him.  (Or skinny and awkward, at 15.)

(Brother Ikos probably is around 5'6", stocky with standard Cedonian 
coloration, the secretary Surakos Bosha closer to Pen at maybe 5'8" or 
5'9", with a coloration all his own, but his birth family were also 

Ta, L.

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